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Installing Music Player On Blog

Installing Music Player On Blog - For you fans of music. Play a song through HP, Mp3 player or computer may be used. But what if you play music through the blog? With put music player on the blog then not only you but your blog visitors can also enjoy your favorite songs. So this method is very suitable for those of you who blog contains music or for those who want to promote a personal song. There are many services like this available on the internet. Of the many existing services. I think there are two pretty good music player that is music-live and eSnips . 

Both the music player each has advantages and disadvantages. So please specify yourself which is better. 

1.Music-Live Pros: - Songs are available, stay put - Many skin models you can choose Weaknesses: - Not able to upload your own songs 
2. eSnips Pros: - can upload songs from your computer - There are songs that you can playWeaknesses: - Only 2 model skins to choose from - looks less attractive Now that the advantages and disadvantages of each. Please specify which one is better suited to your needs. 

In order to more clearly you can see the demo music-live here and eSnips here . If it determines the music player of your choice, here are the installation steps: 

A. Music-Livet.Net 
1. Visit click Skin Mp3 Player 
2. Select the player you want to display. To see how it looks clickPreview Skin 
3. Copy the code in the 'embed code' and go to the blogger. 
Click the menu Design -> Page Elements 
4. Paste code into the menu HTML / Javascript 
5. Finish. above is how to put a music player with songs that have been provided. 

If you want to choose their own song. 

Here's how: 
1. Music-Live on the page, find your favorite songs with the search box. 
2. Then click the Play & Embed code to display code 
3. Copy and paste the code into the menu HTML / Javascript blogger. Finish 

Note: This method is only able to play one song. If you want to play a lot of songs that use the eSnips. 

B. eSnips 

1. Kunjugi . To be able to take advantage of the amenities you need to signup first. If so, sign-in to your account. 
2. Click Upload Files and then clickSelect Files 
3. Select the songs you want to play and select the folder where you want memyimpan song. Make sure the folder you choose is to be Public . Because if private you can not add the song into the playlist. 
4. If you have click Upload Now
5. Wait until the upload is complete. 
6. If it is click the menu folder . Choose the folder where you saved the save song 
7. Select the songs you want to install by clicking Add to quicklist 
8. If so, scroll to the top of the page and then click the Create playlist widgets 
9. Select the skin you want. Then copy the code on the box. 
10. Open blogger. Paste code in the menu HTML / Javascript and then clickSave 
11. Completed. Please see the results. If size does not fit you can adjust the size to edit the width of her on their respective codes.
 Good luck .. 

Fiuhh .. . Finally finished well the experimental results for 3 days.

live music


esnips add to quicklist
esnips create playlist

esnips widget


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