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How to Overcome Add Widget HTML / Javascript Untitled

Yesterday when I want to edit one of the widget HTML / Javascript without the title, I am experiencing a problem where when i press the button Save the error message that says I have to give the title of the column title. This also happens when I want to add the widget HTML / javascript new. Whereas before I could do it without a title.Initially I thought maybe this blog template that error then I try it on another blog, but the result is the same. I was trying to figure out this problem by Googling but no one has discussed it. With anxiety I was trying to ask some other bloggers. Apparently they are also experiencing the same thing. Calm had my heart because itself that changes the system not because my account is problematic I do not know why to do this because I think so little flexibility. What do you think?Btw, as a user I can only accept it: ( So is there any way to get this widget title does not appear? Yup after check and re finally I found one way to titlenya not appear on the blog pages by removing the code of the widget title . similar results exactly with the old look. those of you who want to add the widget HTML / javascript without a caption. following way: 1. Make first widget HTML / Javasript you want to add to your blog title any premises up. 2. If so, go to menu Design -> Edit HTML . You can check the "Expand Widget Templates." To be safe backup of your template after the title search widget that you created earlier example you give the title of " banner ads "then find the word in your template. 3. order more easily, use the Find box to search for it. Press Ctrl + F and enter a key word and then tap Next . 4. If you have found searching the code <h2 class='title'> <data:title/> </ h2> which is located several line below. Consider the figure below ( click to enlarge).

widget error

widget title

5. Delete the code are then tap Save Template . Finish. If at any time you want to bring back titlenya stay just add code <h2 class='title'> <data:title/> </ h2> in the same place or remove the widget and create a new one. Gampangkan? May be useful. those of you who have a more effective way could share here. thanks 


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