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Designer model - how to remove navbar

Designer model - how to remove navbar - If you're already using one of the new Blogger templates, page through Blogger in Draft , know that removing the navbar just got easier.
I have explained in this post How to create a template for Blogger / Blogspot , but it seems that not everyone could understand. Therefore, I will explain in detail.

Access the template designer, click Advanced (1) and then add CSS (2). Paste the code below into the blank portion (3) and press the enter key on your keyboard.

# Navbar-iframe {height: 0px; visibility: transparent; display: transparent;}

Click on image to enlarge

Once you paste the code and hit the enter key, the navbar will be invisible. 
To my knowledge, there is no restriction on the part of the Blogger as the withdrawal of navbar: 

Confirmed: Blogger NavBar is optional - User Compulsive blog
While we do not recommend or support the removal of the Blogger navbar, there is nothing in our Terms of Service That Explicitly mandate its use. Source: Blogger forum English

UPDATE - This method is no longer working as well, since the team has been making changes in Blogger Template Designer. The @velosomanel , posted on his blog Blogger Drafts, a way to completely remove the navbar and that can be adapted to new models. Among the html and search for <body class='loading'>
Cole just before the following code:

<- Navbar ->
<script type='text/javascript'>
<! [CDATA [
/ * <body> * /
</ Script>
<- Navbar ->

Accept deleting the widget and save navbar.
Sources: Blogger Plugins and Blogger Drafts


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